Sunday, October 23, 2011

In Which I am Once Again Reminded I Have a Strange Mind

I had a queer dream.

In this dream, I was in Philosophy class. Mr. Mayer was there, along with some random extras (a.k.a. nobody i recognized or knew) and we were talking about philosophy and music. But mostly music, I think. Then zombies showed up. And Mr. Mayer may or may not have given me a bottle of pills (zombie repellent?) and then left, returning as Robin Goodfellow in some epic-looking armor and helped us (me and the extras) escape from the castle (which the school had somehow transformed into) full of zombies. It gets confusing around that point.

And there was a sub-plot about some people who had holed up back at the castle, watching TV and hiding from zombies. I think a couple of them may have been vampires, because there was some blood-sucking going on later and stuff. The dream kept flashing back to them at random intervals, but it was boring and nothing really happened. Just some people watching TV. Not a bad way to spend a zombie apocalypse, I suppose.

We escaped on these flying lizard things (not dragons, but they were interesting and i may go into more into detail about them in a later post) to this...island? Oh, and at around this point, Aladdin and Jasmine had hijacked the dream for some sort of zombie survival love story. I don't know. *shrug*

So Mr. Mayer/Robin Goodfellow officially vanished from the storyline at this point. And we were safe for a while.

And then the zombies (which walked and talked like the people they previously were, except rotting away and hungering for the flesh of the living and being very unapologetic about it) implemented a plan that involved them falling from the sky onto the island. Somehow, this worked. And there was a massacre and Aladdin was running around, avoiding zombies and trying to find Jasmine (they'd gotten separated in the general panic created by raining zombies) and I was running around, somehow managing to avoid being eaten by these rather smart and agile undead, and feeling very uneasy and upset about this whole thing. And then I woke up, feeling very uneasy and upset about that whole dream.

And then I went to bathroom.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Neglect (and a little aside on my stupidity)

I have been very neglectful this month. October just hasn't given me a lot to blog about. (i lie, i'm just too lazy and forgetful) But I intend to do better from now on. Really.

The plan is that I'll blog at least once a week. No matter what, I'll post one update a week. If I post more than that awesome, but this way there will be updates. So expect a lot of randomness in my upcoming posts. But I know that's a goal I can reach and I'd hate to see my blog wither away simply because I don't post for stupid reasons.

After all, I made this as a place for me to write my thoughts and feelings. They don't have to be profound or meaningful. I can gush about my favorite movies and books and things, or vent about a stressful event or friend, or just ramble on and on. I can share my stories here, or art (if i ever get around to scanning it into the computer). This is a place for me. I don't want it to be a pathetic little thing because I don't take advantage of it. So, yeah. Sorry for the drought (if anyone cared). I'll do better in the future.

(and i realized a couple days ago that i misspelled "gimcrack" as "grimcrack" in my blog's url. it's really embarrassing and further reinforced the fact that i can be a real idiot)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Virgin and the Monster

This is tied with the Disney version as my favorite movie retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It's a much darker and macabre version, but it's so amazing. And the re-imagining of the Beast (known as Nevtor in this version) is superb!

The title for this post is taken from the literal translation of this film's title. It's a great way to welcome the October month.

Watch it. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Temporal Mechanics Union a.k.a TMU

So I finally got to join TMU at my school! For those of you who don't know (which are many, I'm sure) TMU stands for Temporal Mechanics Union. It's an organization that gathers like-minded individuals to make music, taking influences from around the world and whatever our imaginations can offer. It's fabulous!

I wanted to join as soon as I found out what it was they actually do. (and it doesn't hurt that one of the head honchos is my favorite professor, hands down) But my CNA class and hectic schedule kept me from being able to join. Until recently.

This was the first rehearsal I went to, and while triplet is no longer a real word in my head (on account of how often i muttered it under my breath to keep time) I think I was starting to learn my parts somewhat correctly by the end of the meeting. I was playing on one of the handmade instruments. It's one of many, but this instrument was called Copperhead most likely due to the fact that it was made of wood and copper. It looks like a glorified xylophone, but it's very interesting. It has sharps and flats and double flats and double sharps and regular notes. I'm very impressed by the work and ingenuity that went into it.

I even got to mess around with the bass instrument known as the Medusa Oblongata, so called for it's many tentacle/snake-like pipes. You hit the openings of the tubes with the flat of a ping pong paddle to force air through them and make sounds.

And then I learned how to play a Conga drum (pronounced with an "oo" sound, so it would sound like Coonga). It was fun and fascinating and my instructors were very forgiving and patient.

Now I just need to learn how to play my part by heart before December 8th, so as not to shame the rest of the TMU members. I think I can do it.